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Laura Majeste is a mother, daughter, and organizing fanatic who pours her heart and soul into every task she takes on. She is passionate about organizing, family, love, food, decor and so much more. Here you will learn more about Laura and what inspires her each and every day.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

The Business with Closets

Hangers!  Yes Hangers!  Firstly I think they should all match.  Why? Well that is how my brain works, plus it looks nice.  The ones that I use are wood like pictured to the right.  No particular reason those are just the ones that I like.  Other than that don't get to hung up on hangers...see what I did there ;) I find that a lot of people get hung up ( and again!) on trying to find hangers for every piece of clothing they have.  I don't understand this really when you have dressers and folding to take care of  most items.  Really the only things that should be hung up are, Jackets, Dresses/Dress Pants, and Bulky Sweaters.   Everything else gets folded.   Yes you read that correctly!  Your closet isn't to small you are just using it wrong....you probably have clothes in it you either don't like, don't need and doesn't fit!  Eliminate most of that and I promise you, your closet is big enough.   

As always organizing is about making your life easier.  Your closet is no different.  The items that you need and use the most should be the most accessible to you.  If you are like me, you probably wear 3 or 4 things more than anything else.  Why hunt for them if they are your favorites?  Create a spot for them, if its in your closet or in your drawer.  Remember, all of this is about making your life easier.   

Best of luck

Laura xx

Wednesday, June 19, 2019


Straight from the Heart

For the first time in let's say 25 years I am renting my home.  After years of being a home owner I never dreamed that I would find myself having to pay rent and start again.  What happened.....? That is a question that I get asked a lot and one that I have only just had the courage to ask myself.  The short answer:  I screwed up!  We screwed up!  We put our trust in the wrong people and it left us in a tight position.   Why am I writing about it now....?  It's time. It's time to face everything and get myself back.  For far to long I avoided looking at myself in the mirror.  I didn't want to see the heavy bags and the deep purple bruising from yet another sleepless night from stress and worry.  I also needed to show 2 very important people that when life knocks you down you have to get up and keep punching.
I don't want my sons to grow up and only remember the times when their Mother was  sad.  I want them to remember ME.

Rebuilding is not easy.  Its hard! It takes everything you have and then some. But you know what? It is so worth it.  Life is a wonderful gift. Enjoy it!

Laura xx

Monday, June 17, 2019

White Sheets

Why I LOVE White Sheets!

Call me Crazy ( believe me many do! )  I love white linen.  Not just sheets, but  towels too.  I feel very strongly that everyone should have white linens and here is why:

Beside having a luxurious hotel feeling every night that you go to bed ( who doesn't want that? ) its practical.  Bare with me here, because I am sure that you are already thinking ya sure, white would require way more work.  When you do the washing, you can throw all of your linens, including towels together without worry about any colours running.  And, when worst comes to worst and you have stains beyond recognition for this  man created bleach!   Besides all of this White literally goes with everything saving you time and money.  If you want versatility, as most of us busy moms do,  all you have to do is add a throw blanket or pillows to change up the decor.  I am telling you its a win!

So  go ahead have the coffee in bed on your white sheets, its ok ;)

Laura   xx